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When faced with a given situation a person with a positive mindset will view it as a possibility, a challenge, an opportunity for growth. A person with a negative mindset will see it as a problem, a disaster, as something to resist, to battle and succumb to defeat and despair. It all depends on a person's perceptions and attitude to life.

Our speaker this evening will talk about this subject and show us how we can educate ourselves to view problems as possibilities.n a person's perceptions and attitude to life.

Speaker : Guillermo (Bill) Simó , Spain

Guillermo (Bill) Simó has been a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris since 1986. He is an active member of the Spanish Coordination Team overseeing Brahma Kumaris activities in Spain and supporting Spanish language speaking countries worldwide. Since 2005, Bill has worked as an executive coach, a facilitator and trainer in Leadership, and Personal and Leadership Development. He has extensive experience in executive coaching, facilitating and training at management level in companies including Nestlé, Telefónica, Laietana, MACSA, BicGraphic, Mango, Volvo, Bricomart and La Caixa.    

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