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Make a conscious choice to use gratitude and compassion to heal the past

Thoughts of gratitude and compassion create healing feelings that can heal both body and soul. An attitude of gratitude can give us the experience of living a life of abundance, whereas an attitude of needing, of comparison, of jealousy, of expecting something from others, gives us the experience of a life of scarcity.  An attitude of compassion can free us from the pain of the past and gives us space to create a new life.

Enrique Simó explores the conscious choice that anyone can make, whether to live in abundance or to live in scarcity and he explains how it is an attitude of gratitude that can make the difference.

Enrique is a professional executive coach and a facilitator in leadership development programs, helping senior managers and their teams meet their personal and professional goals in the business world and in the educational field. He travels extensively lecturing on mindfulness, meditation, coaching and personal development. A student and teacher of Raja Yoga meditation for over 30 years, Enrique is a member of the national coordination team of the Brahma Kumaris in Spain and coordinator of the headquarters in Madrid.   

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