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Hope is an essential quality if one is to make sense of life or achieve any degree of success in anything. It gives an injection of power that enables us to carry on even in the most difficult circumstances. What are the steps necessary to develop and sustain hope? Join us tonight to find out.

About Speaker:

Daxa Shah, originally an Accounts Graduate, has dedicated the last 33 years of her life to humanitarian service. She has helped all manner of people in different parts of the world to empower themselves. Daxa is currently co-ordinator of ‘Inner Space’ – a free community service specifically crafted to offer individuals, local communities and businesses everything from quick respite to longer term tools for coping with the stresses of life today. Daxa has a quiet passion for ‘building bridges’ –the type that creates common ground between people from very different backgrounds. On account of her efforts in 2014 she was even recognised by the Mayor of Brent as a ‘Community Champion’ for her service to Wembley’s ethnically diverse population. Today she continues in the same stead working actively with local authorities as a Multi Faith representative. Daxa is an experienced presenter whose sharing are not just clear and relevant but also filled with the kind of warmth that people say inspires hope and a sense that someone ‘has your back.’ 

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