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As the saying goes, 'you are what you eat'. There has been a lot of research on the strong connection between holistic health and food. Honouring this National Vegetarian Week, this talk will explore the significance and impact of vegetarian food on the mind, body, the atmosphere and the world. 
This evening's speaker will discuss this subject and share few tips to experiment and make this transition easier!
About Speaker:
Jagruti Patel has been practicing Rajyoga meditation since her childhood.  She is a student and meditation teacher and has imbibed the teachings of Rajyoga so well that she bubbles with and spreads the vibrant energy of happiness, peace and love around her.  As a great entertainer, she has acted in numerous pantomimes and other shows. With her unique sense of spiritual humour, she makes everything as light as a feather. She is creative and does everything she takes on with accuracy and excellence, whether its managing a project, facilitating a session, baking delicious cakes or performing on stage.

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