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The Sanskrit word ‘Yoga' means Connection or Union. In a philosophical/spiritual sense, it denotes the connection with the Higher Self & Awakening Self-awareness. This afternoon we will explore various aspects of 'Yoga'.
Connection with the Body
A healthy mind, healthy body is a "new age" mantra. It is recognized that in a holistic model of well-being, paying attention to our physical body is very important. Good nourishing food, water, fresh air, exercise are all components of maintaining a healthy body. Our bodies are intelligent systems that benefit from the yogic connection with healthy thoughts and mindset.
Connection with the Community
Every part of the physical body is working in Yoga or union with every other part. The body itself is a 'community' of various parts working in unison to maintain good health and equilibrium. Similarly, human beings living together, working towards a common, shared purpose makes the community cohesive.
Connection with the Self
On our spiritual journey we will grow and develop by learning to answer one question. WHO AM I? When meditating and practising Yoga of the mind I am learning to know and connect with my true identity, ‘I am the Soul’.
Connection with the Higher Source
Connecting with Higher Source is about practising meditation. This Yoga connects us to our Spiritual Source, when we are still and silent, when we take our focus from the outer to the inner space. We are then able to access knowledge and wisdom easily.


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