20 Appledene Court, Woodlands View, Douglas United Kingdom

After the great success of our Four Seasons Silence Afternoons last year, we started a new series last year. exploring the spiritual significance of the elements that make up our bodies and the natural world.  The aim of these retreats is to create a space in our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves and the natural world.  The Spring is a time when there is so much activity happening beneath our feet in the earth.  A time for renewal and growth.  

The afternoon will start with an introduction and orientation to the afternoon.  There will be different rooms set up for meditation, reading and reflecting and a creative activity.  There will be a choice of reflective exercises and guided meditations on the theme hroughout the afternoon.  Afternoon tea will be provided. 

This retreat is recommended (but not restricted to) for those who have completed Part 1 of the Raja Yoga Course.  

There is no charge for this retreat.  Donations are appreciated. Registration is essential as spaces are limited.

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