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Online Talk : Mindfulness and Meditation
 Saturday 30 May 2020 | 5.00pm - 6.30pm
More and more people are using mindfulness practices to calm the mind relax and become more aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  We could say that this is the first step in meditation.  Once we relax and become more aware we then need the power to change and so a deeper understand of ourselves is required.
In today’s talk we will explore and experience the different stages of meditation and how with regular practice we can create a life of stability and peace.
Samantha Fraser has been a student of the Brahma Kumaris world Spiritual since 1994.  She was born in London but has spent the last 20 years serving in different countries in Southern Africa.  She enjoys teaching and learning and has spent the last 20 years working in primary education. 
She has also run meditation sessions and a variety of self-development courses in schools and different organisations and enjoys sharing her own personal experience.  Currently she is based in London at the International Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris where she is involved in a variety of activities including conducting meditation courses and helping to organise events. 
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